Pajeri Rebung

Ingredients :
1 packet of 26 gm Adabi Kerutuk powder
300 gm bamboo shoots
200gm fresh prawns (skinned)
6 cups of coconut milk (½ coconut)
6 tablespoons of cooking oil
6 tablespoons of kerisik
8 red onions (finely pounded)
1 inch ginger (pounded)
6 tablespoons tamarind water
1 cup of water
Salt and sugar to taste

Cooking Method :
1.Heat the oil
2.Fry the garlic and red onions together
3.Add Adabi Kerutuk powder with a cup of water and let it cook
4.Add coconut milk, prawn, salt, sugar and tamarind water and let it boil
5.Add shoots and let it cook
6.Ready to be served


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