“I remembered the first time when I met you in the shopping complex, it was love at first sight. You might not be as presentable as everyone else nor as famous as they are, but to me, you’re the most handsome one of all. Every single part of you spelled “yummy” in my head. I couldn’t resist myself from drooling every time I see you.

Then one day I brought you home with me. I couldn’t stop myself from stripping you bare naked and tasting you inside me. It was heaven! Never have I been so satisfied and it was pleasuring in every single way. After that day I just needed more and more of you. You were like a drug to me, and I was a very serious drug addict and I just can’t live a day without you.”

That sounds scandalous and lurvely at the same time, isn’t it? The 2 paragraphs above were taken from a Nuffnanger’s blog where he confessed his lurve affair. It was no doubt a lurve affair that caught our attention and one of our clients, LURVE. That’s why LURVE is throwing a contest just for Nuffnangers to tell them about your LURVE affair.

All you gotta do is just make your LURVE Affair public by blogging about it. It could be with anyone or anything! After all, we’re all free to lurve. ;)

Tell them how much you lurve your iPod, hamsters, Transformers toys, politicians or whatever that you fancy in your blog posts. If you can relate your story to LURVE multigrain chips, you’ll be given more points!

Wanna know what’s your motivation? How does a 13” MacBook Pro and a chance of a lifetime to be interviewed on national TV during 8TV Quickie sound? Interested?


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