Tatura Chocolate Cheese Tart

Option A
•250gm Tatura Cream Cheese
•60gm Tatura Unsalted Butter
•60gm Icing Sugar

Option B
•30ml Eggs
•15ml Lemon Juice

Option C
•5gm Cocoa Powder - topping
•10gm Water
•50gm Cheese Filling (A)

A)Take out Tatura Butter and Tatura Cream Cheese from the fridge earlier before using. Combine Tatura Cream Cheese, Tatura Butter and icing sugar. Slowly beat until well mixed.

B)Mix in eggs and lemon juice into the batter and continue beating for 2 minutes.

C)Mix cocoa powder with water. Take about 50gm of the prepared cream cheese filling (A) and mix the cocoa solution.
This will be the chocolate cream cheese topping.
Pour cream cheese (A) into tart base and put chocolate cream cheese as topping before baking for 5 minutes at temperature of 220˚C.
Once done, put it into fridge for about 2 hours and serve.

380gm Plain Flour
125gm Icing Sugar
200gm Tatura Unsalted Butter
1 nos Egg
10gm Cocoa Powder

1.Mix Tatura Butter and icing sugar into a bowl.
Beat till soft.
2.Add in egg and continue beating for another 2 minutes.
3.Lastly, add in the flour and cocoa powder.
4.Beat for another minute.
5.Half bake the tart base for 10 minutes at temperature of 200˚C.



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